Senzani Automation was incorporated in 2005 as a subsidiary of the Senzani Group.


Vertical Cartoning Machines

Senzani vertical cartoning machines are able to reach high production rates by handling any type of chipboard folding cartons, ranging from the most traditional “skillet” carton to the more sophisticated “flip-top” and “shaker box” designs.

Case Packers

The Senzani side-load case packers ideally complement themselves with our vertical cartoners, and are suitable for packing collations of chipboard folding cartons into RSC cases.

Case Erectors

The Senzani case erector is suitable for corrugated cases, and can be integrated with robotic systems to pick & place chipboard folding cartons into RSC cases.Gluing or tape sealing of finished cases by using integrated systems.


With the new Senzani automatic carton loading system the operator no longer has to take the flat chipboard cartons out of their containers and place them onto the machines magazine, but simply load open top trays filled with flat chipboard cartons onto the systems infeed belt. Significant benefits of the system: reduce operator wrist and elbow injury, less manpower required to operate the line, increase in working capacity.

This system can be retro-fitted to existing Senzani vertical cartoning machines or those manufactured by others.


Senzani logistic systems are the best in terms of reliability, speed and production capacity.

The systems make it possible to achieve a high level of automation and are equipped with the latest-generation, high-tech Siemens servo-driven motors, for perfect and accurate synchronization between the bundle pushers and the conveyor belt.